Effective art promotion for artist

The internet is an excellent place to expose the public to your art. There is nearly an unlimited amount of art promotion possibilities. And most of them are free. In this article we will concentrate on the most effective online promotion techniques that will help increase the visibility of your art. All that is required is that you have your own website with your art on it and some spare time.

Art directories - by submitting your website to art directories you increase the chances of getting highly targeted traffic to your website not only from directories but also from search engines like Google and Yahoo. Some directories require payment, others are free. Our suggestion is to submit to about a dozen of art directories, both paid and free ones.

Social art sites - social art networks have become a popular way of showing art to other artists, hobbyists, and art enthusiasts who may become fans. Most social networks are free and let you upload your artwork, setup a gallery, and encourage interaction with other memebers of the site to further promote your work. Make sure to always include a link to your main website in your profile page so those interested in your art will know where to buy it. Regularly upload new artwork to the sites you are a member of.

Art blogs - blogs are another popular social platform among artists because they are easy to setup and most are free ( like Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal ). Ideally a blog should be part of your own website. By having a blog and writing interesting posts frequently, you attract attention of those that are interested in the type of art that you do through search engines and your blog's RSS feed. By commenting on popular art blogs that are relevant to your artwork, you increase your online visibility even further.

Forums - another easy way of promoting your art is by using link signatures on your favorite online forums. By having a link to your website in your forum signature you advertise your artwork to the forum members.

Social sites - by joining some of the popular social networks and regularly posting your artwork and interacting with the members, you expose your art to a much wider audience whose taste is less sophisticated than those on social art networks. Such audience is easier to convert into fans and eventual sales.

Newsletters - by regularly sending a newsletter to your fans you greatly increase the potential of selling your art, as your subscribers are already interested in your work and thus much more likely to make a purchase.

Generally speaking one of the main aspects of successful online promotion is based on quality link building. The more topically related, quality art sites link to your site, the more visitors you get and the greater the potential of increasing your art sales. Thus it's important to promote your own art website on different art sites.

Finally and most importantly, creating high quality, valuable content is essential for online success. Because your artwork is the core of your business, make sure to make it as good as you possibly can. The better your art is, the less promotion you'll have to do, as your art will do much promotion for you.