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Frederic Belaubre - Belaubre works and exposes in his Parisian workshop at the foot of Montmartre. There is no field of pictorial research that Frederic Belaubre has not addressed from a very personal perspective: figuration or abstraction, eroticism, transcendence, expressionism, gestures.

Mimi Becker - Vibrant, colorful and abstract art: Mimi's Muses is a showcase for the artwork of Mimi Becker, Ph. D. All artwork is available for purchase and custom work is also on offer.

Bridget Becker - Original abstract paintings in acrylic on panels. My paintings utilize grids, gesture and curvilinear design as a compositional device. Recurring themes include, conflict, loss and isolation.

Nicolas Bouf - A site devoted to the art of french painter Nicolas Bouf. Browse paintings, sculpture, works on paper and ideas. Nicolas Bouf works and lives in Sydney Australia.

T Benton Brooks - Perhaps one of the most progressive artists producing abstract paintings, T Benton Brooks''' work ranges from realism, to abstract expressionism, to cubist portraiture and beyond. In essence, the fine art of T Benton Brooks is always in progress and is a fresh art style.

Karen E. Bauguess - Presenting a colorful collection of original,contemporary, abstract artwork in acrylic and oil that is amazingly alluring. There are also two collections of handcrafted jewelry designs made with glass beads and genuine gemstones.

Roland Buehlmann - Abstract pinhole photographies.

William Baziotes - was an American painter influenced by Surrealism and was a contributor to Abstract Expressionism.

Hans Burkhardt - was a Swiss American abstract expressionist. Represented the most significant bridge between New York and Los Angeles in that his paintings of the 1930s are part of the genesis of American abstract expressionism.

Norman Bluhm - was an American painter classified as abstract expressionist. Bluhm's work has been critically praised and his works are in the collections of many major museums.

Arthur Bernard - Belgian artist creating colorful expressionist paintings on canvas and on paper.

Jack Bush - was a Canadian abstract expressionist painter from Toronto, Canada.

Arnor Bieltvedt - Neo-expressionistic landscapes and portraits by Icelandic artist, Arnor G. Bieltvedt.

James Brown - Abstract and expressionist paintings and drawings. The site contains an ongoing collection of artist's work since 1991.

Brit Bohme - norwegian painter whose works are visible in slideshow, thumbnail, or PDF catalog format with curriculum vitae.