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Carbonaro - Welcome to carbonaro's online gallery of paintings and sculptures. She's a contemporary french artist who creates abstract acrylic paintings, and figurative paintings in oil on canvas.

Jaison Cianelli - Online art gallery featuring original contemporary abstract paintings by Jaison Cianelli, including abstract landscape paintings and modern abstract art with expressive paint texture.

Carol Cooper - Abstractions, Expressions, Geometrics & Impressions by Canadian artist Carol Cooper. Carol's artistic passion is expressed by capturing the "essence" of what she sees and feels.

J. Crabtree - My husband and I are both self taught artists. Our paintings are considered modern abstract art. We are known for our enormous original abstracts.

Gregory Christeas - Abstract art paintings, prints and wall sculptures by abstract artist Christeas.

Bob Cauley - Bob L Cauley is an internationally known abstract expressionist. He is best known for his abstract oils on canvas with a twist. He creates his abstracts with free-flowing paint and style which gives a sense of freedom.

Bryan Child - original oil paintings in the forms of figurative and abstract.

Benedict Cressy - online gallery of abstract and figurative expression, landscapes, and symbolic art. Includes guest galleries.