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Amy Falstrom - Contemporary abstract paintings and works on paper by Amy Falstrom. Inspiration is rooted in the artist's experience of the presence of nature: weather, light, land and water.

Seymour Fogel - Seymour Fogel was a pioneer of modern and abstract art during the mid-twentieth century. A muralist, painter, and sculptor, Fogel'''s artistic career spanned nearly six decades exploring concepts, developing new techniques, teaching, and defining the field of modern art.

David Foster - David jon Foster's personal website for his art, photography, poetry and short stories.

Sam Francis - Considered one of the premier colorists of the twentieth century, Sam Francis is best known for dramatic, lushly painted works comprised of vivid pools of color, thinly applied.

Helen Frankenthaler - is an American post-painterly abstraction artist.

Jane Frank - known as a painter, sculptor, mixed media artist, and textile artist. A pupil of Hans Hofmann, she can in much of her work be categorized stylistically as an abstract expressionist.