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Hirschi - Simple Abstract Art by Stephane Hirschi Contemporary Modern Paintings in Paris.

Deb Haugen - Deb Haugen tagged as "the organic artist" is a Malibu , Ca. artist. My work has to do with layering and time, the complexities in nature. Micro worlds carry on just below the surface, sometimes familiar, always fundamental and vitally essential.

Barbarajean Hennessy - Art, Modern and Traditional acrylic painting and custom Fine Art by Barbarajean.

Michael Henderson - Original abstract oil paintings at affordable prices. The paintings range in style from abstract expressionist and gestural, to still life paintings in an abstract style. The paintings are on canvas and paper, and some are on pages torn from books.

Elizabeth Hack - Wave Series paintings inspired by the North Coast of California.

Klaus Hinz - From figurative paintings to abstract expressionism. Includes biography and explanatory note.

Bill Hunt - Quoke art is very expressive with an intense use of bright colors, interesting textures and original photography, full of surprising rhythms, dynamics, and relationships.

Grace Hartigan - is an Abstract Expressionist painter who gained reputation as part of the New York School of artists and painters that emerged in New York City during the 1940s and 50s.

Hans Hoffman - abstract expressionims painter that was renowned not only as an artist but as a teacher of art.

Pete Hubbard - The process and background section of the web site of this artist from California is an outline for a completely new way of painting which gives the artist new opportunities for creativity and to make paintings in a new way.

Hanne Hoque - Gallery of vibrant, abstract pastels. Hanne's art draws from a broad range of input gained from the time she has spent living in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Southern Europe and North America.

Bo von Hohenlohe - bright colorful abstract paintings painted woods and steel sculpture.