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Tricia Poulos Leonard - Abstract and impressionist artwork by award winning artist, Tricia Poulos Leonard is available for viewing at this site. Abstracts are mixed media using watercolor, acrylic, and collage on watercolor paper.

Tricia Poulos Leonard - A gallery of original artwork by artist Tricia Poulos Leonard in impressionist and abstract painting styles using watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and collage materials on watercolor paper, canvas, or masonite.

Ibram Lassaw - was an Ottoman Hebrew sculptor, known for nonobjective construction in brazed metals.

Nalyne Lunati - abstract art of the aritst.

Emanuela Ligal - Emanuela Ligal painting gallery - contemporary art - figurative abstract - acrilic on canvas.

Elizabeth LaChance - original contemporary abstract modern art by internationally acclaimed artist Elizabeth LaChance.

James Lourie - It is my goal to create a physical and emotional relationship between my artwork and the viewer. In each painting, I want the viewer to discover the reconciliation of opposites into a unified force. I want the whole to be both intricate and economic. I want to make energy visible by discovering the natural order in chaos.

Kay Lin - Artist Kay H. Lin abstract painting, drawing, artwork and biography.

Michele Ledoux - official site of the artist. "Tapping into primal archetypes -- recurring symbols and experiences shared by all across time -- is the primary focus of my work."

Rom Lammar - Paintings, sculptures, masks, drawings and artphotos by Rom LAMMAR from Luxembourg.

Kathleen Lota - A series of richly colored oil paintings created from 1989 to the present day. The site is available in Flash or HTML.

Amy Longcope - The online gallery of Los Angeles abstract artist Amy Longcope, Abstract, Expressionistic paintings.

Morris Louis - is a United States abstract expressionist painter, one of the many such painters to emerge in the 1950s.

Dawn Lim - Abstract art work for sale, original oil and acrylic paintings, modern and contemporary by Dawn Lim.

M Langenkamp - art gallery of oil & acrylic paintings by M.A.Langenkamp, American abstract painter born l939 in NYC & former adjunct professor of Art at George Washington University. category art, artists, abstract paintings.