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Sal Panasci - Website featuring paintings by exhibiting artist, Sal Panasci. Paintings employ a variety of color palettes and intriguing textural notes in a harmonious manner.

Claudiu Presecan - Romanian contemporary artist Presecan uses classical & experimental techniques to express purely abstract landscapes. Discover a world of paintings infused with colour.

Izabella Pavlushko - Izabella Pavlushko. New vision of Contemporary Art. Abstraction and philosophy. Other reality. A large range of high quality paintings for your office and home decor.

Morgana Papparelli - My paintings are vibrational messages that come from my soul and want to be expressed through patterns.

Nikolay Pavlushko - Contemporary Art. New vision. Artists managed to expose not only the state of the objects, but also the changing evolutional world. The best in geometric abstract by artist Izabella.

Aleta Pippin - Non-representational paintings in several different media,characterized by movement and strong colors.

Pablo Picasso - was a Spanish painter and sculptor and one of the most recognized figures in 20th century art, he is best known as the co-founder, along with Georges Braque, of cubism.

Jackson Pollock - was an influential painter and a major force in the abstract expressionist movement.