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Cathy Read - Website showcasing the works of an new artist, who paints contempory abstract artwork in a textural style. The art conveys emotional concepts using a technique which is visually a combination of print, tie-dye, paint blots and blown ink patterns. Geometry and pattern.

Mark Rothko - was a Latvian-born American painter and printmaker who is classified as an abstract expressionist, although he rejected not only the label but even being an abstract painter.

Anne Raymond - artist from New York monotype and prints and oil paintings includs images,curriculum vitae,quotations from reviews.

Milton Resnick - was a major abstract expressionist painter and teacher known for his mystical, abstract and figurative paintings.

Ad Reinhardt - was a painter, writer, and pioneer of conceptual and minimal art. He was also a critic of abstract expressionism.

William Ronald - was an important Canadian painter, best known as the founder of the influential Canadian abstract art group Painters Eleven in 1954.

Anne Ryan - belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist artists.

Jean-Paul Riopelle - was a painter and sculptor from Quebec, Canada. He used myriad soft cubes of color, applied as flat planes with a palette knife, on large canvases to create powerful atmospheres.