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Debora L. Stewart - Contemporary abstract pastels by Iowa artist Debora L. Stewart. Stewart's pastels are often intuitive expressions of nature. Her work has won awards from Pastel Journal Magazine in 2010 and 2011. Her work is included in the Pastel Invitational exhibit at Abend Gallery.

Christine Small - Abstract and Conceptual Art Online Gallery - Christine Small Contemporary, Modern Abstract and Conceptual Oil and Mixed Media Art on Canvas.

Louise P. Sloane - Since 1974, I have been actively engaged in the studio. My paintings are the embodiment of my years as an abstract reductive painter. The works strive to take reductive non-objective painting principals and oppose the notion that such works must be devoid of surface texture.

Ella Sipho - Abstract art is more than just blindly throwing paint on a canvas. In Sipho'''s case, it actually requires skill and a keen color sense. Not to mention the ability to feel and convey flowing movement.

Louis Schanker - was an American abstract artist and a radical among radicals.

Jon Schueler - was an American artist especially known for this abstract expressionism paintings.

Barbara Schaefer - Abstract oil paintings and custom tapestries based on real-time chance. Images, statement, and resume.

Michael Schultheis - Likening his canvas to a chalkboard, Michael Schultheis creates paintings consisting of layers of mathematical notations and illustrations that describe the form and motion of three-dimensional geometric shapes.

David Smith - was an American Abstract Expressionist sculptor best known for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures.

Theodoros Stamos - was one of the original and youngest Abstract Expressionist artists working in New York City in the 1940s and 50s.

Hedda Sterne - Romanian-born American Printmaker, she attained national prominence in the 1940s and 1950s.

Clyfford Still - was an American artist, a painter, and one of the leading figures in Abstract Expressionism.

Mark di Suvero - is an American abstract expressionist sculptor and a key figure in the development of postwar American sculpture.

Karin Soika - Informal abstract painting using vibrating colors and line. Also remarks on contemporary feminism and other subjects.